Why Are Your Twitter Likes Not Showing?

Twitter is considered one of the best social media platforms where you can interact with people worldwide in real time. However, like all other apps, it is free from occasional hiccups. Recently, many users have reported their Twitter likes not showing.

Don’t worry if you are going through the same situation. Here, we will share why Twitter likes are not showing and how anyone having this problem can fix it in a few minutes.

Reasons Why Twitter Likes Are Not Showing

There can be multiple reasons why your Twitter is not showing likes on the posts. You might be facing this issue because of the following reasons.

Server Down

The most common reason behind this issue is lousy server conditions. You might be unable to check posts, like, or comment on a post temporarily when the server is down. It can happen due to technical glitches and bugs in the system.

Tweet No Longer Exists

The tweet you have liked is either deleted or the account holder has changed his account’s privacy. It could be why Twitter tweet likes are not showing up to you.

Inactive Account

I have faced this problem when I was not an active Twitter user. Logging into your account after being inactive for a long time could be why Twitter is not showing you any likes on Tweets. It is done to provide space to the server and is not fixed as soon as the users become active users of Twitter.

Suspicious Activities

If you have not confirmed your identity on Twitter, it might flag your account as suspicious, which will cause you not to be able to see likes. The app cannot identify whether the unverified account is a bot.

Poor Internet Connection

You might face this issue when your Wi-Fi or internet connection is weak. Due to poor internet connection, the posts are not loading properly, which is why Twitter likes are not showing up on your screen.

How to Fix Twitter Likes Not Showing

Now you know the reasons that can make your likes disappear, here are some troubleshooting methods by which you can fix this problem. So, here you go.

Check the Internet Connection

First things first, before everything, check your Wi-Fi signals. A strong internet connection is necessary; if you have a poor connection, switch to a strong one to fix this issue.

Wait for the Server to be Fixed

If Twitter is down, you can only wait till the problem is fixed. When the server is down, the controllers are aware of the issue, and as soon as the problem gets fixed, the users can enjoy the app like before again.

Install Updates

You might face this issue because you are using an old app. Sometimes, the app no longer supports old versions, and it is susceptible to technical glitches, so many users who have old versions of the app complain about Twitter’s performance. Installing the new updates is the only solution for a smooth experience.

Reinstall the App

If none of the above solutions fix the issue, there might be a problem with your phone or app. Uninstall & Reinstall the app or log in to your account again. It will fix any unknown reasons that were making your Twitter act up.

Contact the Technical Team

If none of the provided solutions work, contact Twitter’s technical help team. Drop them an email describing your issue, and they will reply soon. This is the only way of saying goodbye to this problem.

How to Boost Your Twitter Likes

Now that we’ve covered how to get your missing Twitter likes back, let’s talk about strategies you can use to consistently grow your likes and engagement on the platform.

Purchase Twitter Likes at Social Plug

One effective way to jumpstart your Twitter growth and boost your visibility is by purchasing Twitter likes at Social Plug.

When people see that your tweets already have a good number of likes, they’ll be more likely to engage with your content and profile. Buying likes can help you quickly build social proof and make your account appear more popular and authoritative.

Post Consistently High-Quality Content

The foundation of a thriving Twitter presence is sharing interesting, valuable content that provides real utility for your followers. This could include helpful tips, industry insights, entertaining stories, or any other type of tweet that resonates with your target audience.

Engage with Your Audience

Don’t just post and disappear. Take the time to reply to comments, retweet your followers, and join relevant conversations on Twitter. The more you interact with your community, the more they’ll engage back, helping to boost your overall metrics.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Research hashtags that your target audience is searching for, and incorporate them naturally into your tweets. This will make your content more discoverable to users beyond just your existing followers.

Collaborate with Other Creators

Reach out to influencers, brands, or other users in your space and see if you can create joint content or host a takeover. Cross-promotion is a powerful way to expand your reach and tap into new audiences.

Run Contests and Giveaways

People love the chance to win free stuff. Hosting a contest where users have to like and retweet to enter is an excellent way to boost your engagement and grow your follower count.


If your Twitter likes have suddenly vanished, common reasons include server problems, deleted tweets, private accounts, and connectivity issues. Understanding these potential causes is key to resolving the problem.

Fortunately, there are straightforward steps to get your likes visible again, like checking your internet, waiting for server fixes, updating the app, and contacting support. Beyond just recovering lost likes, proven growth strategies include purchasing likes, posting valuable content, engaging your audience, and running contests.

By troubleshooting the issue and implementing a multi-faceted growth plan, you can restore your Twitter engagement and continue building a thriving, interactive community.

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