A Guide to Exploring the Various Types of Foam Mattresses – Finding the Best Fit for You

In the world of luxury mattresses, foam mattresses are one of the most popular options compared to regular and spring mattresses. However, what makes it a difficult task to choose a luxury mattress is the various types of foam mattresses available at Sleepwell. Each foam mattress type has its own distinct advantages and characteristics. Many might think that it is not a big issue to lose a bit of sleep and get disturbed sleep at night. 

But without proper rest, many of your internal body mechanisms will slow down, and illness or inflammation will get worse with a poor immune system. Since foam mattresses are well known for providing comfort and support for the best quality sleep, read this guide to learn about its importance and getting the suitable foam mattress price that meets your sleep essential needs. 

How will your wrong mattress impact your health?

What type of mattress you use and for how long can gradually impact your sleep quality over the course of time and make drastic changes in your overall health. So before you learn about various kinds of foam mattresses, you need to understand what the wrongly selected mattress can do to your health. 

  • Your joint and back pain will get worse

Back and joint discomfort might get considerably worse while sleeping on an inadequate mattress that does not meet your sleeping comfort preferences. Stiff mattresses lead to building pressure in your joints and muscles, which are painful and stiffening. If your pressure points do not get sufficient support from plush mattresses, it can lead to spinal misalignment. This can cause strained muscles, which can worsen your discomfort. Having a regular mattress without any supportive features can cause your long-term pain conditions like arthritis, herniated discs, sciatica, etc., to aggravate. 

  • Develop insomnia

When you invest in a comfortable mattress, it will promote restful sleep that is essential for your body’s healing and give you rejuvenating effects. But if you continue to sleep on old and unsupportive mattresses, it will gradually throw off your sleep schedule and cause you insomnia, a chronic condition that causes you trouble falling asleep or even sustaining your sleeping state. If an insomnia condition develops, you will continue to feel weakness and irritation. It will raise the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity. 

  • Suffer from depression and anxiety

Your well-supported mattresses will help you start your journey towards a rejuvenating sleep that will promote a strong immune system. But without a proper sleeping pattern or restful sleep, you will run the risk of suffering depression and anxiety disorders. These conditions are mostly caused by the rise in stress levels as cortisol hormones are released at a higher rate without sleep, and sleepless nights can result from bed sleeping surfaces with inadequate support. If you have persistent sleep disruptions, it will worsen such mood disorders. In the worst-case scenario, sleep deprivation can impair your cognitive performance, and you will lose emotional control. 

  • Tired throughout the day due to lack of energy

When you get a restful night of sleep, it will help you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and full of energy. Even with enough sleep, your poor mattress support can cause you stiffness and tiredness throughout the day, which will impact your ability to focus on work and become productive. The constant pain will impact your quality of life as you can do anything full of energy and discomfort. Therefore, it is essential to create a supportive and cosy sleeping environment.  

What involves foam mattresses that offer excellent support and comfort?

While most people are familiar with what a spring mattress is, many consider foam mattresses to be expensive as they are engineered for astronauts and pilots by NASA to keep them relaxed as they get support from cushioned surfaces. But now foam mattresses are also accessible to commoners and designed with the best sleep technologies at affordable prices. 

Unlike the traditional spring mattresses, there are several foam types for a mattress that offer the main sleep support structure. These are prepared with many layers, with the comfort layer placed at the top layer. Moreover, foam mattresses can offer customised support with pressure relief and motion isolation. Since these mattresses can maintain their form for a long time, you can receive more durability with these luxury mattresses. 

Additionally, they are hypoallergenic, which means that anyone with allergies or sensitivities can use them. Unlike people who believe that it’s not a good choice for individuals who tend to get hot in their sleep, you can invest in specialised foam with a cell mattress design to keep you cool. With a proper balance in firmness, advanced foam mattress layers can be responsive to your body shape and give you easy movement and bounce. 

What should you consider when choosing a foam mattress?

  • Firmness and support level

Consider the firmness and support level of your foam mattress while selecting one, as it depends on your personal preferences. You can go with a soft firmness range if you want to reduce pressure points and prefer to sleep on the side, but a medium firmness mattress will be ideal for back and stomach sleepers. 

  • Innovative layers and their thickness

The modern designs of foam mattresses come with multiple layers of latex, memory, and other advanced support foam layers. They are designed to offer you custom support and comfort based on your body type. Make sure to consider the thickness of these mattresses with various foam layer placements to ensure your luxury mattress’s durability. 

  • Density of the mattress

A mattress’s resilience and support are greatly influenced by the density of its foam, with a higher density offering a longer lifespan. Select a foam mattress that offers the right amount of density for comfort over time. 

  • Temperature regulation

Look for a temperature-regulating foam mattress like Sleepwell Ortho Pro Profiled mattress that includes open-cell designs, gel-infused foam, and breathable coverings to ensure a more pleasant and cool sleeping environment. You can take the sleep trial option from the mattress company to experience it before committing to the purchase. 

  • Motion isolation

If you share a bed with your partner or pets as a light sleeper, any movement can disturb your sleep. So consider a foam mattress with no motion transfer feature such as Sleepwell Marble mattresses at an affordable price. Adequate motion isolation can give you a peaceful night of sleep. 

Learning about the types of foam mattresses 

  • Memory foam mattresses

The speciality of memory foam mattresses is to conform to the shape of the body and release pressure points, providing superior support and sleep. It is the mattress thickness that will determine how much support level and posture adaptability your ideal memory foam will offer while maintaining a straight spine. 

Although high-density memory foam can support all sleeping postures with long durability, comparing latex foam mattresses vs memory foam, latex materials last longer and are resilient to sagging. Adequate sinkage can reduce the transfer of your partner’s sleep movements to your side and disturb your sleep. 

  • Latex Foam mattresses

Latex foams are a combination of natural, synthetic, or blended materials. In comparison with latex mattresses vs memory foam mattresses, latex foam is more durable with clinical testing and cushioning, which makes it ideal for anyone with back and joint issues. In most latex composition formulas, manufacturers include 70% synthetics and 30% organics without any side effects. 

These blended latexes are non-toxic, without any hazardous elements and offer comfort. While memory foam layers can offer superior contouring ability for your body shape, latex foam can keep you cooler due to open-cell structures, which allows even heat dissipation and improved airflow. 

  • PU foam mattresses

PU foam stands for polyurethane foam mattresses, which can benefit any body type, especially when used in innerspring mattresses. You can expect high-quality PU foam mattresses like Sleepwell Fitrest Classic mattress to offer consistent support, even weight distribution, and enhanced comfort level and heat discomfort during sleep when compared to polyurethane foam vs memory foam

Therefore, in most luxury mattresses, PU foam is often used as the comfort layer, adding more bounciness and ease of movement to the mattress. 

  • Gel foam mattresses

One of the popular modern take on memory foam mattresses is the addition of gel foam technology, which blends gel microbeads with the traditional memory foam. Comparing gel-infused memory foam vs polyurethane mattresses, you will get a comfortable cooling sensation with gel foam as they offer heat-storage ability and heat-regulating covers for the mattress. Therefore, these mattresses are very helpful for individuals with issues of rising body temperature while sleeping. 

However, this foam mattress’s features should be combined with other sustainable foam technology to ensure its effects can last for a long time. Comparing PU foam vs memory foam gel-infused material in the context of comfort and support, PU foam will be a better choice as gel foam is not very resilient and can provide a medium firm feel to support your body contour. 

Summing Up!

In this fast-paced world, even the least amount of time you get to sleep, you must make the best out of it by changing your sleeping mattress that will make you fall asleep. With the understanding of the importance of proper sleep, take the first step to lead a healthy life by choosing the right foam mattress that supports your comfort level and prevents waking up with pain throughout the body. 

Make an informed choice on the foam mattress purchase from Sleepwell with the knowledge of various types of foam mattress that suits your sleeping habits and preferences as per your comfort, body posture, and body weight needs.

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