Fussy Babies? Use these Easy Tips & Tricks

Boss babies, well we believe you already have one. How would you know that? Well, boss babies may not always be wearing a tuxedo, and carrying their uber-elite charm alongside their brief (nappy) case. However, they always carry the boss-baby attitude and the best way to communicate is through cries and smiles. It is all good until you can decipher those smiles, but it is difficult when you cannot understand why your baby is crying out of the blue.

Firstly let us list out all the probable signs to interpret if your babies are feeling fussy and irritated :

  • If your baby is crying for longer than they usually cry. 
  • If your baby cries louder than usual. 
  • If your baby reaches out to you and wants to be hugged and cuddled desperately. 
  • If your baby turns away their head from you while you comfort them. 
  • If they are having gas and are feeling bloated. 
  • If they are unable to sleep. 
  • If they are using self-soothing measures such as thumb sucking.
  • If they are showing temper tantrums. 
  • If there is a change in their usual routine. 

If they are exposed to a louder environment than usual.

We surely cannot decode the secret morse code that babies have, however, we have a few tips and tricks that could ease out the baby and make them feel a bit comfortable. Listed below are a few: 

  • Make the ambiance soothing and comfortable for the baby. Babies might get startled if there is too much of bright light, to loud an environment. It gets too much for them to handle. Comfort them with white noise.
  • Breastfeed them if you feel they are hungry. Breastfeeding is good however do not make it a habit of offering to breastfeed when the baby cries. Find alternative solutions to calm them too. Maintain feeding routines, do not keep babies hungry. 

Fussy Babies? Use these Easy Tips & Tricks

  • Offer them a soother, it will help them get comfortable with the sucking action. Choose a soother based on their age. You can choose Vega Baby and Mom Silicone Soother for your baby too.
  • Help them burp or pass gas if you feel it is due to gas or colic discomfort. It will help them feel better and relaxed once the trapped air is out and not causing them discomfort. 
  • Change their diaper, wipe them using a wet wipe, and dress them up in comfortable clothes. Keeping them clean and fresh will help them feel better certainly.  

Fussy Babies? Use these Easy Tips & Tricks

  • Try grooming their hair using a soft-bristled hair brush that comforts them and stimulates their scalp and soothes them, you can also run your fingers around your little ones’ hair.
  • Swaddle the baby and swoon them. Babies find it very comforting when they are in movement and swinging in their parent’s arms.

Try all that can help comfort your baby. If the tried and tested ways do not work try contacting a pediatrician. This will not only help you get to the root cause; it will also help you bring comfort through tough moments. 

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