Chance of Pregnancy by Age: Naturally Vs IUI Vs IVF

Age is considered a big factor in the fertility journey. No matter which path of fertility you are choosing, the influence of age is always there. Somehow with the help of modern fertility technologies, the possibilities of developing a positive pregnancy increases to a good rate, and in many cases it has turned out to be fruitful as per an analysis done by the Best IVF Center in Delhi

Now, in the upcoming web of words we will analyze the chances of pregnancy by age: naturally VS IUI VS IVF.

Understanding the Process of Pregnancy

The process of pregnancy refers to the physiological condition in which a female carries and nurtures a developing embryo or fetus within her uterus, typically following fertilization of an egg by sperm. This intricate process involves various stages, including implantation of the fertilized egg into the uterine lining, embryonic development, and ultimately, the birth of a baby after a gestation period of approximately nine months.

The process of achieving a pregnancy naturally, includes an intercourse in between both the male and female partners in order to execute fertilization between their gametes (sperm & eggs). A successful implantation leads to  pregnancy of the female partner. The whole procedure of pregnancy is the physiological condition in which a woman carries and nurtures a developing embryo or fetus within her womb. This procedure lasts for around nine months until their offspring is produced or born.

In the contemporary era, other than natural conception, there are several ways of receiving a pregnancy with the help of medical science and modern technological advancements. We have to figure out what is the most suitable way, we should step in, because there are many natural and genetic factors which can interrupt us in providing ourselves a successful parenthood and age is one of them. So, understanding about the popularly known ways of conception is important and by comparing them you can find us, what is the best for you and why according to your age? 

Role of Age in Fertility Journey

This fact is undeniable that age plays a major role in the journey of pregnancy for a couple. It is seen as the biggest reason that impacts the possibilities of a woman to receive a conception and have a child with good health. 

According to the Best IVF Center, around thirty, a female’s fertility begins to decline and by the middle of the thirties, the decline of fertility speeds up. Along with that, complexities related to conception also expands with the increase of her age. Although, in a woman, age factor affects more and also increases risk such as misscarriage, and other disorders in the development of a child. So, it’s analyzed that the process of human fertilization should be done at the perfect age, as a higher age in this case is a big hurdle in receiving a healthy pregnancy. 

The Possibility of Getting Pregnant (By Age)

As we have explored above, age plays a major role in getting pregnant. So let’s explore the three main paths of receiving pregnancy (by age) in the upcoming set of phrases with the help of Top IVF Center.

Chances of getting pregnant Naturally (by age): 

Natural fertilization doesn’t require any medical setup but is a result of sexual intimacy between a male and female partner. If the  intercourse between a couple is successful enough to fertilize the woman’s egg and after that if the implantation goes well, it ensures a natural pregnancy. 

There are chances of receiving a natural conception every single month, but age also matters in it.  For those who are under the age of 30, they have almost 25% of chances to receive a pregnancy every single month, 20% of chances for those who are aged between 30 to 34, 15% for those aged 35-39 and around 5% chances for those aged 40 and above.      

Chances of getting pregnant through IUI Pregnancy (by age):

IVF Center in Delhi says that in the procedure of Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a fine fertility process that includes the collection of sperm from the male partner, washed & inserted directly inside the uterus at the time of ovulation using a small catheter, which ensures that both the gametes (sperms and eggs) are provided with a chance to meet at the correct moment.

As age is impactable in any form of fertility journey, there are different ratios for different age groups by which we can know about the possibilities of pregnancy through IUI. Under the age of 35, there are almost 13% of chances to secure a pregnancy under IUI, 10% per cycle for the ones aged between 35 to 37. 7 % of chances for the age group of 38-40 and at least almost 4% for the ones who are 40 and above as per the Center for IVF.

Chances of getting pregnant through IVF Treatment (by age):

The most known and practiced fertility treatment of the assisted reproductive technologies (ART) is IVF. In this, a fertilization process in between the egg and sperm of the birthing parents takes place, in a lab, performed by an IVF expert, the motive is to produce healthy embryos which can be further used for the implantation inside a female partner, to provide pregnancy. 

As discussed above, the success rates vary in every case due to age factor. About 54% chances to conceive are there in IVF for the person whose age is under 35, 40% chance per cycle for the age group of 30 to 37, 26 chances per cycle for the ones between 38-40 and around 8% chances for the ones who are 40 and above.


With the grace of medical science, we are grateful that there are several options of fertility available in the modern age. Age is one big factor out of many other criterias, which impacts these several ways of becoming a biological parent. The ratio varies in every kind of path whether it is a natural way of conception, IUI (Intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in-vitro fertilization).

But, other than age there are many other factors as well responsible for your conception, either naturally or medically. If you are trying to conceive with a fertility treatment like IUI or IVF, then an additional factor of choosing a right IVF Center is also one of them because the quality of the medical care and the way you as a parenthood seeker are treated is also very much important. Always go for a non compromising fertility care provider who also cares for your pocket and asks for an ideal IVF Cost in Delhi. You can know more about it by going through the online reviews and ratings and then do your selection.

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